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Teri Noel
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Decades of hits from the 50s to today's hits in a smooth, eclectic style.


Telephone: 1-201-927-4232
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Teri will be presenting Downsized... her latest show at Don't Tell Mama for 3 Sundays in November - November 9, November 23 & November 30, all at 5:30PM.

Remember a time before nuclear standoffs, global terrorism, greedy energy companies, and oppressive mortgage payments? Remember when your greatest cares focused upon the right clothes, the right friends, and the tireless search for the right music?

In this nonstop, stressed-out, get-it-done-yesterday world, Teri has decided to downsize - to shed all the worries of the present and take a journey back to a happier, easier time; to days spent sitting in your room, lying on your bed, listening to those big round things called records. Remember Jim Croce and his plaintive "New York's Not My Home" or Neil Sedaka's unforgettable "Laughter In The Rain"? How about Phil Spector's magnificent "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" and Don McLean's classic, "American Pie"?

These songs and many others formed the soundtrack of her youth, and Teri will be performing them with the full-tilt passion that has become her trademark. She is no stranger to the club scene, having performed on the Manhattan circuit for years. She has appeared at Danny's Skylight Room, and showcased as part of "The Singing Experience" at the Triad. Past attendees have enthusiastically commented that her performances left them feeling "empowered" and "uplifted." And Stu Hamstra, of the Cabaret Hotline Online, said, "Teri's vocals are as lovely as her blue eyes... subtle but honest." Rare is the performer who can combine strength with sensitivity.

Her musical director is the wonderful Brian Hurley and they are joined by Bruce Whitcomb on guitar. Do yourself a favor and go see Teri while you can at Don't Tell Mama on 3 Sundays, November 9, November 23 & November 30 all starting at 5:30PM. There is a $12 music charge ($6 for MAC, TSE and Cabaret Hotline Online members).

DON'T TELL MAMA Piano Bar and Cabaret
343 West 46th Street
New York, NY